Warspear Online (Android)

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Warspear Online (Android)
Application Details:
Version: 4.1.0 updated
Upload Date: 15 Aug 14
Developer: AIGRIND
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 123
Size: 38028 Kb

Rating: 5.0/5 (Total Votes: 1)

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Warspear Online (Android) - Warspear Online is a free online game which includes all the general features and best traditions of MMORPG games. When you enter the game you dive into a colorful world with its own history, full of unforgettable adventures. Here you can find new friends from all over the world. Appearance of your character depends on items you are equipped with.
Hundreds of unique quests won't let you get bored, and fights with various monsters in real-time mode will make the game exciting and eventful. You can estimate all advantages of the gameplay in real-time even on low-speed mobile Internet.

Achieve the 20th level:
· To take part in the severe trials and deadly battles you should not only be strong and courageous. Upon reaching level 20 you will get 2 points for the distribution of skills and you can participate in rated Arena battles for 19-20 level players.
Deep Astral Labyrinth dungeon:
· Astral Labyrinth is the dungeon with increased complexity for 18-20 level players. We have designed it that the complexity of this dungeon is made for experienced players.
In this dungeon you will find:
· 13 bosses with 18-22 level of complexity with 17-18 level gear drop. In addition all creatures in dungeon will drop useful items for all players.
· Two full sets of armor and weapons for all classes.
· Daily quests in the dungeon to gain experience. At the 18th level 3 quests are available and 7 quests on 19th level.
· Complexity of the dungeon is divided into 5 parts. In order to successfully pass the last 2 parts it is necessary to collect equipment with the resistance bonus against Dark Magic in the first three parts.
Twitter support:
· Connect your Twitter account and receive daily gifts from the Legendary Chest, where you will find a surprises. Share your news from the game with your friends in a social network and invite them to the magical world of Arinar!
Daily gifts now are more interesting:
· We drew an attention to the wishes of players and improved the daily gifts. They have become more valuable and useful and we hope will give you even more enjoyable moments in the game.
Sales in Miracle Shop:
· We remind you that until January 10 the prices of all items in Miracle Shop are reduced by 20%. Buy and make gifts to your friends!
List of fixes and changes:
· Items on players breaks after death only after level 6.
· Bow is returned in the Firstborn shop. Unfortunately, it can no longer be sold for more than the cost of purchase.
· Fixed bug with Buckler shield.
· Some monsters can now detect players using skill of invisibility.
Class changes:
· Rogue: Stealth skill duration reduced and increased its recharge time.
· Barbarian: Chop skill damage reduced, but also reduced its energy consumption and recharge.
· Bladedancer: Flash Strike skill damage increased.
· Shaman and Druid: healing skills performance increased.
Fixes and changes:
· Friends names in the chat is now displayed in green text.
· Teleportation usability improved.
· Traders in the cities can now be found in one place.
· Creatures on starting locations became non-aggressive.
· All creatures in the game got increased health.
· Fixed bug with random occasional selection of higher-level opponents in the Arena.
· By pressing the skill and potions on the Panel at the same time no longer crashes game client.
· In stores of factional islands appeared cheap weapons that beginners might accidentally break or sell.
· Fixed a bug with the complete disappearance of a character when entering stealth.
· Fixed bug of teleportation with incomplete health.
· If you cancel a quest or if the quest is not available on the server, item referring to the quest is no longer remains in the bag.
· Fixed auto completion of several quest types after server restart.
· Fixed bug with displaying high Arena rating.

What's New in This Release:

· New dungeon for guilds "Champions coliseum" with 4 difficulty levels
· 3 more professions: Cloth Armor, Leather Armor and Mail Armor
· New expert skills for every class
· New conditions for starting Ayvondil quests
· We eased the difficulty of passing hard and heroic levels in Rotting Garden
· New mini-boss in Maliat Cloaca with a charming name Spawn
· Lots of fixes and improvements

What's New in 3.4.3:

· Bug with game fonts has been fixed.

What's New in 3.3.1:

· fixed bug, when party leader couldn't demand arena fight
· small fixes in texts and interface

What's New in 3.2.0:

· minor bugs fixed

What's New in 3.2.0:

· Holiday content
· Item unbinding ability
· Many bugfixes and improvements

What's New in 3.0.1:

· Added two new factions (Chosen and Forsaken) with three new classes each!
· Ingame music
· Quest markers now available in the dungeons
· English text were corrected by native-speakers
· Amount of offers is displayed on market categories
· Multi-line names of NPCs and interactive objects
· Influence icons are now more informative
· Improved keyboard support
· Now you can send items to the chat again
· Input type selection is now available on all devices
· Bug fixes and a lot of improvements

What's New in 2.8.0:

· Complexity of the Astral Labyrinth increased.
· Improved process of Amplification: selected option of insurance saved, display of amplification progress.
· Changes in some skills when applying them to bosses.
· Navigation arrow to help finding the objectives related to the quests.
· Notification when free Arena tickets added.
· Changing in assortment of costumes.
· Added QIWI and MOL payment systems.
· Several fixes and improvements.

What's New in 2.6.0:

· Delicate balance established on the Irselnort after the opening of Hidden Sanctuary is being threatened again. Legion and the Sentinels are on the verge of a new discovery! The appearance in the Grey Mountains of the mysterious portals should shed the light on one of the greatest mysteries of Berengar. What a powerful magician opens a thousand years ago, when he learned the wisdom of the White Wanderer? Spirit of Berengar calling for the strongest warriors of the Firstborn and Mountain Clans again. This brave spirits have to go in a mysterious labyrinth, lying in the middle of the boundless emptiness of Astral. Many centuries no-one stepped there. But now the time has come. What awaits on the other side of the ancient portals? Very soon there will be one less mystery at the Ash Coast...

What's New in 2.5.0:

· Arinar celebrates the World Creation holiday! In cities you will wind a new and interesting quests and rewards.
· Amplification of items. With the help of Enhancement Sphere you can increase the first bonus of items. This process is very entertaining - with each level, along with the characteristics the chance of successful amplification is reduced. But do not worry: the item always possible to insure against failure to improve! After amplification weapon glows a mysterious light. Required Enhancement Spheres can be found at any place in the game world as well as you can purchase them in the Miracle Shop.
· Daily gifts for logging into the game. Desiring to facilitate the misery of war, your Mentor sends a gift each day - a little surprise chest, which includes a useful random item from the game world. It will help you to survive with honor first tests on the road to victory! To give this gift we are using the Mailbox - a new feature in the game, which we will develop in the near future.
· The new system of runes and crystals. We have simplified the system of runes and crystals, so that now they are not limited on the level, and their characteristics are set automatically by the level of a item in which they inserted. Old runes and crystals will be removed from the Miracle Shop. Also, these changes affect some consumables (potions etc).

What's New in 2.0.0:

General Changes:
· Arinar celebrating Median Night! This is the first official event in the update called "Legacy Of Berengar" - in the cities you will find holiday decorations and exciting quests which bring you useful things - such as rings and amulets and special holiday goodies! And Miracle Shop replenished with unique costumes which are available only during Median Night holidays for Miracle Coins only.
· New skill. Each class receives an unique skill. After servers are turned on all skill points will be reset to give all our players possibility to put it onto their skills again.

Skills of Mountain Clans:
· Rogue - "Stealth". This is a good ability which allows to come close to an enemy in invisible mode, sneak by hostile guard or to avoid a fight by using "Gouge" and then "Stealth".
· Shaman - "Earthquake". Stop and weaken a group of enemies! Even if they use skill "Stealth"
· Barbarian - "Charge". The good ability to get advantage in a battle with enemy using long-range weapon and also to finish running enemy.

Skills of Firstborn:
· Blade Dancer - "Hamstring". The skill is useful almost against every class of enemy because it can stop an opponent and don't allow him to use his skills. Blade Dancers finish the work!
· Ranger - "Beast Trap". The first skill of wide range of traps which are known for Rangers. Skillfully set trap helps to detect an enemy in time and may save your life not once.
· Druid - "Insect Swarm". Very useful skill against big bosses and in Arena field. Enemy attacked with bees swarm becomes weakened - don't waste time and attack!
· Arena. Access became more handy: now you can wait in queue from anywhere, simply open the Menu -> Arena -> Demand. Also you'll find merchants who sell Gladiator equipment for Arena Points, including weapons, for beginners and for more advanced fighters. They are in big cities (Wolf's Dale, Ilhor, Armory Cliff, Kamp-Gaspel and Nadir-sard) in the Armory Shops. Items for Arena Point you may everywhere you want!
· New starting locations. We completely redesigned the initial quests and locations so start the game in the world of Arinar is easier and more fun.
· Hints. Now the game will help beginners to understand and sort out the interface with the new system of hints.
· New interface for creating and selecting the character. Now you will select the server only once when creating a character. For new accounts number of characters are limited to 3.

New items in Maracle Shop:
· Arena Ticket. The ability to fight on Arena as many times as you wish!
· Rare costumes. In Surprise Box you may find one of rare costumes which are united as "Dragonfighter" series. These thing are not available for buying in usual way.
· Revival at the place you are. Character revives in the place of its death with 10% of health and energy.
· "Teleporting" available from menu "Map".
· "Repair Scroll" available from menu "Equipment" and menu "Bag".
· Maximum size of bag increased to 100.

Bug fixes:
· Parameter "Block" fixed and works now.
· Player can't use skills under "Entangling Roots" effect. Range of use increased to 5 yards
· Respawn statues removed from Nadir-sard.
· Elder Guido is no longer available for attacks.
· Weapon bought for "Crimson Corundum" is no longer available for transfer.
· Fixed bug that allowed to exchange items between the factions.
· Items looted from the Animated Armor bosses are no longer personal on receive.
· Canceled neutrality in all trade buildings, except Nadir-Sard.
· Fixed quest "Luck requires sacrifice." We apologize for previously misinformation that the quest had been corrected earlier.
· In the Character deletion menu its name is displayed now.
· Notification of items receipt applies only to items looted from bosses.
· Added countdown to the fight on Arena.
· Healing results report available on Arena.
· Fixed the bug with party leaving after death on Arena and further rebirth.
· Added sound notification on a personal message.
· On devices with a matrix keyboard additional keys are available: "*" (Asterisk) - open Chat; "#" (Pound) - open Map; "0" (zero) - menu Interaction.

What's New in 1.9.0:

General changes:
· Arena (beta). Prove your courage and earn ranking in team battles!
· A new skill. Each class receives a unique skill.
· Changing the scoring system of skills. Now you get a new skill point every two levels plus an additional each ten.
· Weapons for Crimson Corundum. It is accessible from any buyer of the Free League in the Alliance. Now you have the chance to go to the Berengar Shadows with normal weapons (weapons cost from 250 to 500 Corundums).
· Notification of a bad connection. You will be notified in advance in case of bad quality of your connection before disconnecting from the server.
· Level of the players next to their name. In game settings you can choose to display the level of other players characters.
· Markers hints about available quests on the map. You will not lose a single quest - just look at the map and you will see all available quests in the public areas opened by you.

Fixes and improvements:
· Quest "Luck needs sacrifice" fixed.
· In skills descriptions added information about the cooldown time.
· Added a message informing you that was obtained from the Surprise Chest. When you open the Chest now it displays progress bar.
· A new set of equipment available, "Animated Armor" (all classes), which drops in the Hidden Sanctuary.
· Now it's possible to use the Hotkey bar at low resolutions.
· Miracle coins shown in the window of currencies.
· Redesigned the look and feel of Miracle Shop. Fixed delay when buying.
· "The Additional pocket" now consists of 10 pieces. In the Miracle Shop can now be bought the whole pack!
· Food is now formed into bundles of 10 pieces, instead of the last 5 pieces.
· On the trading areas on the Legion PvP mode works correctly.
· Many fixes and improvements.

What's New in 1.5.0:

General changes:
· New skills. Each class receives a unique skill.
· Skill points. Distribute them to improve any skill that you see to fit the perfection.
· Quest progress save. When server is restarted during maintenance quests are no longer disappear!
· Luxury Shop. Equipment items for your faction which sold for Crimson Corundum currency, now can be bought in special shops in the Camp of Legion and Kamp-Riff. Appearance of all equipment sets shows special character models.
· Extra pocket. If you run out of space in the bag, now you can increase it.
· Scroll of teleportation. Now you can instantly move to any Respawn Statue you know, including between the islands.
· Barber set. You can change your hairstyle and hair color. Amaze your friends!
· A set of beginner, new costumes, a box of surprises. These and many other you will always find in our Miracle shop!

Fixes and improvements:
· Fixed bug with the inability to exclude a player from the party.
· Improved start zone for the Mountain Clans.
· "Roar" skill in the past made aggression to a harmless creatures.
· Animation of level-up is now visible to other players.
· Added notification about entering and exiting friends from the game.
· Automatic reconnect on communication loss with the server.
· Other fixes.

What's New in 1.0.0:

Major changes:
· Miracle Shop. You will be able to buy certain types of items with a new game currency - Miracle Coins, which can be bought for real money. All Items can be sent to other players for free or sold in the trade chat.
· Friends List. Players of your faction could be added in a separate list to know when they are in the game. Also, all standard operations allowed on the players.
· The transition from the ranks to the levels system. Gaining levels by completing quests has become even more interesting!
· Minimap. You no longer have to constantly look for signs of quests and players by opening up a map from the game menu.
· Two-handed weapons and heavy armor. Yes, now you can wear them!
· Magic schools are now consistent with the history of the Arinar universe.
· Runes and crystals. A new type of special items that enhance the player's characteristics, can be inserted into each piece of equipment.
· Crimson Corundum. New game currency that player will earn by performing daily tasks in a dungeon, "Hidden sanctuary" designed for the passage in a group. You can buy the gear worn by characters in the game, and which was not previously available to players: turbans, dresses, magicians hats, helmets with horns, masks and more. Starter quests of this chain are available after the quest "Shadows of Berengar" (Sentinells), or "Berengar's six shadows " (Legion). NPCs, issuing the first quest are Arnold (Kamp-Riff) and Helg (Camp of Legion).

Improvements and bug fixes:
· Samsung Galaxy S now runs game on default firmware
· The new system of marking items: background color and title changed. Tips are given to a single style.
· Changes in color indicating the strength of monsters: Gray - a critter, light blue - normal, green - strong, red - mini-boss.
· "My Maps" menu: added ability to view maps of other areas that you have visited.
· Now when you select target the skill action icon appears.
· Redesigned game balance of classes.
· The maximum group size is reduced from 8 to 5.
· Characteristics are shown in percentage and unit.
· Changes in skills. Also new skills automatically added to the skills panel until the panel is filled.
· Changes in behavior of monsters.
· In the transition from location to location effect of invulnerability against enemy players is no longer active.
· Introduced the regime of neutrality in Nadir Sard (PvP is forbidden)
· Fixed a bug with the client crash at the death of a group member in a dungeon and the appearance characters from the opposite faction or NPC in a group.
· Added stages in the quests most often lost by players. Now, these quests give NPCs which stand in the city.
· Added guards in the settlement of the Western Camp of Caravan (Irselnort).
· Fixed display of hairstyles in Berengar sets. Also sets look more spectacular.
· Added hints on the imposition of consumables to the quick panel, dressing costumes, runes and crystals.
· In the English localization fixes some game texts of quests.
· New high-resolution icons for all items.
· When creating a new character now you can see his appearance.
· Clothes for the initial levels looks more beautiful and diverse.
· The positive effects are now displayed correctly.
· When player invited in a group notification works correctly if he is already in another group.
· Fixed chat auto-scrolling to last post when you hold the cursor.
· Debuffs now cause aggression of monsters (Roar, Kick in the back).
· Bonus to increase health and energy now work correctly.

What's New in 0.7.3:

· New territory with a big dungeon.
· The final quest of the island.
· 5 new mini-bosses (1 unique for each alliance + 3 common in the dungeon).
· Ability to perform quests for a faction of the Chainless League.

What's New in 0.7.0:

· Battles between players from opposing factions (PvP)
· Initial skills
· New quests
· New territories
· Sounds
· Simple registration and login
· Interface improvements
· Vietnamese language added
· Bugs fixed

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